Information for Participants


The registration desk will be located at the entrance (2F) of Juroku Plaza and open during the times listed below.

Juroku Plaza 2F Entrance
Juroku Plaza
1-10-11 Hashimoto-cho, Gifu City, Gifu, 500-8856 Japan
*Next to JR Gifu station
Access to JR Gifu station

Open Hours:

Wednesday, November 7​ 16:30-18:00
Thursday, November 8 8:20-18:30
Friday, November 9​​ 8:20-18:30
Saturday, November 10 8:20-14:00


Registration fee:
13,000 JPY
​​​6,000 JPY*

*Participants will be eligible for the discounted rates if both of the criteria indicated below applies.

  • 1. Healthcare professionals (except for doctors) or Students (incl. graduate students)
  • 2. Not the member of JSIMD
Banquet fee ​​5,000 JPY
Program book ​​2,000 JPY



​2F & 5F Foyer, Juroku Plaza (Exhibition Booth)
5F Conference Room 2 (Book shop)

Open Hours:

Thursday, November 8​​ 9:00-18:20
Friday, November 9​​ 8:50-18:30
Saturday, November 10​ 8:45-14:50


Food & Drinks

Lunch boxes will be provided at luncheon seminars.
(Note: that the number of the available lunch boxes are limited.)


Cloakroom is available for participants during the time and place indicated below.

Location: 2F Room 6

Open Hours:

Thursday, November 8​​ 8:20-20:00
Friday, November 9​​ 8:20-18:45
Saturday, November 10​ 8:20-15:00


Welcome Reception

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 7 19:00-21:00
Venue: Restaurant “forty three”
43F, Gifu City Tower 43, 2-52 Hashimoto-cho, Gifu city, Gifu 500-8856, Japan


Date & Time: Friday, November 9 19:30-21:30
Venue: Royal Hall “YUKI”, 2F West building, Gifu Grand Hotel
Fee: 5,000 JPY
* Complimentary shuttle bus service will be provided between Juroku Plaza and the restaurant.

Simultaneous Translation

Languages: English ⇔ Japanese.
Available for: Sessions at Venue 1 on October 8 – 9
Simultaneous translation will be available for the audience at the sessions taking place in Venue 1 on Day 1 & 2.
Please take advantage of this opportunity and listen to the sessions.

Do’s and Don’ts

Please do:
turn off your mobile phone or set it to silent mode during the sessions.
keep your eyes on your belongings and keep valuables close.

Please don’t:
make recording of any kinds (photograph, video or audio) during the sessions.

Public Announcement

No announcement on slides or via public announcement system will be made for personal uses.
In case of emergency, please come to General Information Desk. (2F Entrance)


No parking spots will be reserved for the meeting participants. As there are limited spots available
In the parking area, we encourage you to take public transportation.